Military Schools for Girls in Kentucky -- LGA is a military-type school for girls in Kentucky and across America – troubled teen schools and reform schools.

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Military Schools for Girls in Kentucky

Trying to Find Military Schools for Girls in Kentucky?

military schoolsAs you are looking for military schools for girls in Kentucky you need to know that there are few such female military schools, so you might want to also consider Lakeland Girls Academy. It is a school for troubled teenage girls, located in Lakeland, Florida, just a few miles from Orlando. Similar to military schools for girls in Kentucky, LGA is a program that teaches military-like discipline and respect.

If the environment of a military school for girls specifically interests you, some therapeutic boarding schools have a military style and teach discipline. Even in those that do not have a military emphasis, most therapeutic schools use structured daily routines to teach order, and quite a few involve students in daily chores to teach responsibility and work ethic.

Lakeland Girls Academy is not a military school, but it is similar. For teenage girls, LGA provides life counseling and invites parents to periodic Family Weekend sessions designed to rebuild family relationships. It is a disciplined, safe haven for your child to grow . With no boys on campus, it eliminates one major source of distractions.

While LGA concentrates attention on character building, emotional growth and relationship healing, it also offers a quality education.

A lot of emphasis at LGA is placed on character building and values. Education also has a priority position, because LGA realize that academic performance frequently slips when other concerns creep into life. It offers a fully accredited school.

Girls at Lakeland Girls participate in plenty of activities, with each one designed for growth. A structured schedule and daily chores develop discipline and responsibility, while intramural sports and outdoor activities keep teens active and promote character. Girls become well-rounded individuals as they participate in activities from dance to sewing to community service and cultural events.

More Information About Military Schools for Girls

Although military schools have customarily been restricted to boys, a few military schools for girls have opened their doors in recent years, but nearly all of them are coed.

Both genders profit from the top educational opportunities, leadership training, moral development and self-assurance gained within a military environment. Increasing numbers of girls seek a career in the service.

A military school for girls can be excellent preparation for the best military positions or as a college prep program for pursuing a job in another field.

What Do Girls Gain from Military Schools for Girls?

Military schools for girls expect excellence, and students rise to the occasion to develop habits of excellence in their lives. The strict order and personal responsibility associated with military discipline can complement an academically demanding curriculum. Demanding physical training requires both physical and mental self-control and results in disciplined, strong young women. As they discover how to properly look after their bodies and become physically conditioned, young women at a military school for girls develop a more alert mental state that allows them to accomplish a great deal. Military discipline can also be used for behavior modification to change rebellious behavior into respectful behavior.

Just like military schools for girls in Kentucky, LGA has earned a respected reputation for instilling confidence and character in the lives of troubled girls. It targets healing and restoration to give troubled teen girls the freedom to build the same kind of integrity and personal strength.

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Lakeland Girls Academy is similar to military schools for girls in Kentucky. It is located in Lakeland, Florida but enrolls troubled girls from across America and internationally.

We believe that every girl can have a unique “Journey of a Lifetime” when she discovers and accepts her God-ordained purpose and calling in life. She then becomes empowered with a God-given authority, a God-given identity, and a unfathomable measure of agapé love that can be so powerful that it must only come from God himself.

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Should you need help finding alternative schools, Christian rehabs, therapeutic schools or residential treatment centers, please let us know. This home for troubled girls and boarding school for teens is a Teen Challenge boarding school. Among the top therapeutic schools, our therapeutic boarding school is among the best therapeutic schools and residential treatment programs for teens. We help at-risk teenage girls. Many military schools for girls won’t enroll girls who have a history of problems. Military schools for girls are not the only option for troubled girls. An all-girl Christian boarding school may be a better option.

Military Schools for Girls in Kentucky

Military Schools for Girls in Kentucky -- LGA is a military-type school for girls in Kentucky and across America