All-girl boarding school that helps girls from Royal Palm Beach, Florida turn around misbehavior, or falling grades. – military school for teens and alternative schools for troubled youth.

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All-Girl Boarding School Royal Palm Beach, Florida

An All-Girl Boarding School that Helps Girls from Royal Palm Beach, Florida

As you look for all girl boarding schools with counseling in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, it may be helpful to consider Lakeland Grace Academy. Even though our all girls boarding school is not in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, it is close by in Lakeland, Florida. Teens attend our all girls school from places across the nation, including from Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

Lakeland is an All-Girl School that Lovingly Turns Around Bad Behavior and Improves Academics.  

Lakeland Grace Academy help to girls in our care, and the entire family. Struggling girls learn to reclaim their time, talent and energy into positive endeavors, as they discover their unique talents and experiencing the success of doing the “right things for the right reasons.” 

We engage the girls in individual and group therapy each week. Young women in our boarding school for girls get life counseling from mentors and staff in the course of activities and daily life. We also ask parents to attend periodic Family Weekend sessions to work toward unity for the entire family.

An All Girl Boarding School Eliminates Distractions

Lakeland Grace Academy is a safe place for girls to grow . Being all girls, and with no teenage boys on campus, we eliminate one huge source of distractions.

Personal Academic Attention at Our Accredited All Girl Boarding School

For many troubled girls, academics gets pushed aside because of the other issues they are dealing with. While we concentrate our attention on emotional growth and healing, we also provide quality education.

Activities With a Therapeutic Purpose are Well-Balanced and Fun

Girls at Lakeland Grace have opportunities in a wide variety of activities, all of which are designed for growth. A structured schedule and daily chores encourage discipline and responsibility, while intramural sports and outdoor events keep teens active and promote character. Girls become well-rounded young women as they engage in activities from dance to cooking to community service and cultural events.

We recognize that sending your daughter to an all girl boarding school in Royal Palm Beach, Florida or anywhere else for intervention is a tough decision, but one that can bring unity to your family. Please visit the rest of our website and contact us to learn how we can help.

Lakeland Grace Academy is an all girl boarding school serving girls from Royal Palm Beach, Florida and throughout Florida and the Southeast Region.

More about all girl schools near Royal Palm Beach, Florida:

Royal Palm Beach is a village in southeast Florida, located in Palm Beach County. The population was measured at 21,523 in the 2000 census. As of April 2008, the recorded population was 31,864. The community is actually located approximately fifteen miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean and is the only land-locked municipality in Palm Beach County with “beach” in its name. Royal Palm Beach is known for its many parks and general mission to protect green space, as evidenced by the recent creation of a master central park and development of a passive bird watching and nature park.

Excerpt about all girl schools near Royal Palm Beach, Florida, used with permission from Wikipedia.

We believe that every girl can have a unique “Journey of a Lifetime” when she discovers and accepts her God-ordained purpose and calling in life. She then becomes empowered with a God-given authority, a God-given identity, and a unfathomable measure of agapé love that can be so powerful that it must only come from God himself.

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Address: 6754 South Carter Rd.
Lakeland, FL 33813

Phone: (863) 647-1944

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All-Girl Boarding School Royal Palm Beach, Florida

All-girl boarding school that helps girls from Royal Palm Beach, Florida turn around misbehavior, or falling grades.