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Campus Environment

A small and personal escape…far from the struggles and distractions of the “outside” world. Lakeland is a relational safe-haven for self-discovery and growth, but it is not a resort; girls are taught to take responsibility for themselves and for others through regular chores and a structured schedule.

Qualified and
Dedicated Staff Members

Residents receive around the clock care from a staff that is on duty 7 days a week. They provide ongoing positive role models with a high degree personal discipline and accountability. Lakeland’s staff and directors are living examples of a passionate, purpose-driven life. For each, it is not just a job, it is a calling.

Peer Culture

Our positive peer culture influences  each student to develop problem solving skills with peers while taking a “Principle” stand.  It encourages loving “confrontation” by peers versus policing and correction only by adults. While most kids get off track by the negative influences of peers back home, our atmosphere encourages the opposite.


Family relationships are of paramount importance in our program.  Families are invited to attend on-campus family weekends and they take an active part in the girl’s therapy.  Our counselors will keep the family informed throughout the girl’s stay in our program.

We can also help you in your search for military academies, teen boarding schools, home for troubled youth or affordable residential schools. Our Christian therapeutic program helps misbehaving girls who are at risk and having behavioral issues such as anxiety, who are oppositional, with reactive attachment disorders, and avoidant personality disorder. Military schools for girls are probably not the best option for your troubled teen girl. Many military schools for girls won’t enroll girls who have a history of problems. When dealing with troubled teens, there are many types of residential schools which can help troubled girls. Not all Christian boarding schools work with struggling teenagers. Programs which specifically help teenagers in trouble are typically referred to as therapeutic boarding schools or reform schools. For troubled teenagers in need of spiritual guidance, Christian boarding schools are a great answer. Christian boarding schools provide Bible-centered treatment for at-risk teens, as opposed to other alternative schools and therapeutic boarding schools schools without a Christian emphasis.

About | Lakeland Girls Academy

Information about Lakeland Girls Academy, a Christian school for girls located in Lakeland, Florida, serving troubled teen girls from around the nation.