Christian boarding school for girls with life-controlling issues or bad behaviors -- Lakeland Grace Academy is a Teen Challenge therapeutic boarding school. – alternative schools for troubled youth and boarding schools.

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Lakeland Grace Academy is a nonprofit home and school for girls age 13-17 who are self-destructing or struggling with academics. We offer a year-round, highly active environment where girls receive adventure, academic repair, life coaching, and 24/7 care. We help girls soar emotionally, spiritually and academically while providing a fun, safe and loving environment.

This Christian year-round home and school is designed just for girls, ages 13-17, who are struggling with rebellion, substance abuse or other life-controlling issues.

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    High Success

    Surveys have confirmed an 86% success rate for Teen Challenge. Emotional intelligence is four times greater upon graduating than upon enrollment.

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    Equine Therapy

    We use a number of approaches, most of which are not in a stuffy counseling room, like our Equine Program, which teaches trust and care.

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    Students take high school courses weekdays, year-round, so they improve their GPA as well as to retake courses, take elective courses, and get ahead.

We help girls with behavioral or rebellion issues or academic failure, providing a challenging and highly active atmosphere designed to help each girl get back on track and develop positive life strategies. Girls learn the necessary skills to confidently prepare them for the future.

LGA specifically focuses on improving these qualities in troubled girls:  Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Motivation, Empathy and Social Skills.

Progress is based on a collaborative and collective effort of the child’s counselor, staff, and parents. To move to higher levels in the program, students must prove themselves to be worthy.

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Teen Challenge Program Endorsers

We believe that every girl can have a unique “Journey of a Lifetime” when she discovers and accepts her God-ordained purpose and calling in life. She then becomes empowered with a God-given authority, a God-given identity, and a unfathomable measure of agapé love that can be so powerful that it must only come from God himself.

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Address: 6754 South Carter Rd.
Lakeland, FL 33813

Phone: (863) 647-1944

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boarding school disclaimerWe can also help you in your search for other private boarding schools, reform schools, schools for troubled teens, boarding schools for troubled teens, or Christian boarding schools. Our therapeutic program helps misbehaving girls who are at risk and having behavioral issues such as drug abuse, anxiety, who are oppositional, with reactive attachment disorders, and avoidant personality disorder. Military schools for girls are probably not the best option for your troubled teen girl. Many military schools for girls won’t enroll girls who have a history of problems. Only special military school like programs, such as LGA, accept troubled teens. So, military schools for girls are not the only option for troubled girls. We help at-risk teenage girls mostly from homes in: Tennessee, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Kentucky.

Christian Boarding School for Girls | Lakeland Grace Academy

Christian boarding school for girls with life-controlling issues or bad behaviors -- Lakeland Grace Academy is a Teen Challenge therapeutic boarding school.