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Therapeutic boarding school for girls with life-controlling issues or bad behaviors -- Lakeland Girls Academy is a Teen Challenge therapeutic boarding school, located in Florida – teen challenge and Christian boarding schools.
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60 Years Success

Teen Challenge has for six decades turned around the lives of teens who have gotten on the wrong track in life, restoring their future and their relationships. Lakeland Girls Academy is a residential home and school specifically designed for girls who are struggling with life-controlling issues. The campus residence and school are located in a home-like facility nestled in a beautiful community in Lakeland, Florida.


Care and Service

Girls in this boarding school leave their attitude of entitlement and emotional turmoil behind, growing in care and concern for others and for their own futures. Spiritual and behavioral counseling and mentoring leads the girls to healthy and peaceful habits. Activities here are designed to encourage teamwork, communication and relational skills, while counseling helps the girls to understand their own feelings and motivations.


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Hope Lives Here, Freedom is Found Here, and Changed Lives Leave Here!

Designed to help girls get back on track in life. Girls gain confidence and poise, and learn the necessary skills to  prepare for their future.

We specifically focus on improving: Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Motivation, Empathy, and Social Skills.

Progress is based on a collaborative and collective effort of the girl’s counselor, direct care staff, and the parents. To move to higher levels in the program, girls must prove themselves to be qualified and mature enough to go to the next level.


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Christian Boarding School for Girls Who are Struggling

Lakeland Girls Academy is an affordable, year-round, Christian boarding school for girls ages 13–17. We offer a loving, relational, and affordable program just for girls with life-controlling issues. We feature a first-class on-campus school, spiritual support, and counseling to repair behavioral issues brought on by trauma, adoption, family discord, peer pressure, or substance abuse.  Contact us for more information today.


We’ll Help You Get Your Daughter Back!


This year-round boarding school is fully accredited to help troubled girls get caught up on academics and retake courses as needed. We are far less costly than typical therapeutic boarding schools, and our focus is decidedly Christ-centered.

Teen Challenge Program Endorsers

We can also help you in your search for other best therapeutic schools, boarding schools therapeutic, schools troubled teens, or troubled teen schools. Our Christian therapeutic program helps misbehaving girls who are at risk and having behavioral issues such as anxiety, who are oppositional, with reactive attachment disorders, and avoidant personality disorder. Military schools for girls are probably not the best option for your troubled teen girl. Many military schools for girls won’t enroll girls who have a history of problems. When dealing with troubled teens, there are many types of residential schools which can help troubled girls. Not all Christian boarding schools work with struggling teenagers. Programs which specifically help teenagers in trouble are typically referred to as therapeutic boarding schools or reform schools. For troubled teenagers in need of spiritual guidance, Christian boarding schools are a great answer. Christian boarding schools provide Bible-centered treatment for at-risk teens, as opposed to other alternative schools and therapeutic boarding schools schools without a Christian emphasis.

Therapeutic Boarding School for Troubled Girls | Lakeland Girls Academy

Therapeutic boarding school for girls with life-controlling issues or bad behaviors -- Lakeland Girls Academy is a Teen Challenge therapeutic boarding school, located in Florida