School for girls with addictions or troubling behavior. Lakeland Grace Academy is a school for girls with life-controlling issues. – affordable schools and residential treatment centers.

School for Girls

School for Girls with Bad Behavior and Self-Destructive Issues

Parents, as you researching schools for girls with counseling? We understand your needs and are ready to help your girl. Lakeland Grace Academy is an early-intervention boarding school for girls, ages 12 to 17; a member of the well-known Teen Challenge program for troubled teens. Situated in Lakeland, Florida, teenage girls attend our school from homes around the country.

School for Girls that Lovingly Turns Around Bad Behavior and Improves Grades

We engage the girls in our school in individual and group counseling sessions each week.  Girls in our boarding school get life counseling from mentors and staff in the course of activities and daily life. We also include parents in workshops to work toward unity for the entire family.

school for girlsHaving Only Girls in Our School Eliminates Distractions

Lakeland Grace Academy is a school that provides a safe environment for girls to grow emotionally. With no boys on campus, we take away one significant source of anxiety.

Academics Are Important at Our Accredited Boarding School for Girls

For many troubled girls, academics takes a backseat to the other issues they are dealing with. While we give priority to emotional growth and healing, we also provide a quality education. 

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Girls at Lakeland Grace have opportunities in a wide variety of activities, with each one designed for growth. A daily schedule and assigned tasks encourage discipline and responsibility, while intramural sports and outdoor activities keep teens active and promote character. Girls become well-rounded young women as they engage in activities from dance to cooking to community service and cultural events.

School Activities Have a Therapeutic Purpose for Girls, but are Well-Balanced and Fun

We acknowledge that sending your daughter to a boarding school for girls is a difficult decision, but one that can bring restoration to your family. Please visit the rest of our website and contact us to learn how we can help.

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Lakeland Grace Academy: a school for girls with life-controlling issues.

We believe that every girl can have a unique “Journey of a Lifetime” when she discovers and accepts her God-ordained purpose and calling in life. She then becomes empowered with a God-given authority, a God-given identity, and a unfathomable measure of agapé love that can be so powerful that it must only come from God himself.

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Should you need help finding group homes for boys, schools for struggling girls, therapeutic boys ranches or military schools for troubled teens, please let us know. This home for troubled girls and boarding school for teens is a Teen Challenge boarding school. Among the top therapeutic schools, our therapeutic boarding school is among the best therapeutic schools and residential treatment programs for teens. We help at-risk teenage girls. If you have a daughter, you might think military schools for girls are the best option. These boarding schools for girls are tightly structured, highly active environments best for instilling discipline and improving organizational skills, however they do not deal with troubled teens. An all-girl Christian boarding school like Lakeland may be a better option.

School for Girls

School for girls with addictions or troubling behavior. Lakeland Grace Academy is a school for girls with life-controlling issues.